We understand how life changing an allergy can be.  What is even more difficult to grasp is why you have that allergy, especially if it has developed later in childhood, adolescence or adulthood.  You may find yourself wondering: ‘Why me?’ ‘Why now?’ ‘Did I do anything to cause it?’

These are questions that even doctors find difficult to answer.

Don’t worry.  AlliApp empowers you (and doctors!) to find the cause of your allergy. It allows you to show your diary to your healthcare team as evidence of symptoms & reactions enabling doctors to provide the most appropriate care for you.

Using AlliApp is very simple. Here is how our basic process works:

1. Based on the allergies you find, allergists can easily recommend the right tests to confirm your allergy.

2. As you eat and feel symptoms throughout the day, you need to log your meals, moods, medication and symptoms in your AlliApp Diary which is a super easy process.
AlliApp will automatically record when and what you are experiencing so you have all the facts (and pictures!) to show medical professionals.
If you stick to it, you collect the right symptom evidence to get the right care faster. Showing AlliApp is so much easier than remembering when and how you felt. Not forgetting important details makes a big difference to getting the right care faster.

3. The best part of our system is that logging gets easier the more you do it. AlliApp remembers what you log most and makes it easy for you to add those items to your AlliApp Diary. In just a few days, logging can be as fast as 15 seconds.

4. Periodically (we recommend once a week), you should view and update AlliApp. This allows you to track your progress over time and work with medical professionals to adjust your care based on your evidence.

That’s it! Just a few minutes a day.