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The Six Main Symptoms of Food Allergy – Part Three

Abdominal pain, bloating or diarrhoea/constipation:


Abdominal and stomach pain

Abdominal, or stomach pain can present in a variety of ways and areas of the entire stomach area. The abdomen contains lots of different organs along with the stomach, including the liver, pancreas, bladder and intestines. In women, it also contains the female reproductive system. Unfortunately, problems can develop in any of these organs, and any pain experienced can often radiate across the abdomen, making it difficult to pinpoint. Bloating and/or diarrhoea or constipation often accompany abdominal pain, especially if food intolerances or allergies are involved.


Daily life

Suffering these symptoms after eating has a huge impact on daily activities, such as going out for meals, or even going to and from work or school every day. Therefore, using an allergy-tracking app can be extremely beneficial for sufferers, especially if they have already sought medical help and no obvious issues or solutions have been found.



The intensity of abdominal pain due to food allergy can vary widely, although it is often severe. It usually presents as a ‘stabbing’ or ‘cramping’ pain and can lead to nausea and diahorrea (loose stools). Bloating can also accompany abdominal discomfort: the sufferer will experience a full, tight abdomen caused by excessive production of digestive chemicals and gases [1].


Stomach discomfort experienced after eating may also be due to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). This is an abdominal condition that people are becoming more aware of, which is linked to food intolerances. Often, people diagnosed with IBS find that the ingestion of certain foods is a major trigger for the onset of symptoms [2]. It can be difficult to identify which foods are triggers, which is where a symptom-tracking app like AlliApp can help. As with all symptoms related to food allergies or intolerances, diagnosis relies on reliable documentation of these in response to eating certain foods. Having a food diary at your fingertips at all times is essential to this.



AlliApp is user-friendly, and even features an option to print your Health Report as a pdf document if you upgrade to our premium package. You can try AlliApp premium for free for 14 days.


Dr Nicky, PhD, MBPsS – AlliApp Science 



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