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Welcome to AlliApp – your allergy symptom tracker

About AlliApp

Hello, and welcome to AlliApp!  We are an allergy awareness and education company with a major focus on food allergies.  Our app has been developed in conjunction with leading NHS allergy specialists and other healthcare professionals, and has been approved by Apple as a medical app.  It is a simple, yet comprehensive way to track both established and suspected food allergies or intolerances. It features many options, including the ability to photograph your meals and list the ingredients, as well as to record your mood – influences on this are a lesser-known effect of food allergies or intolerances.  There is also an inbuilt scanner which is compatible with the self-scanners at Tesco supermarkets (with a view to include other retailers), thus allowing you to check the suitability of your food before purchasing it.

Our beginning

As a team, we can personally relate to those affected by food allergies.  Our CEO, Brad Mathews, who is also co-founder of African Banking Corporation (BancABC), became interested in the effect of diet on general health after his Mother suffered repeated bouts of pneumonia.  When she did not respond well to antibiotic treatment, he focussed on modifying her diet and gradually noticed real improvements in her health overall. This led to an interest in the consequences of food allergies and intolerances, and eventually an in-depth pilot research study supported by NHS professionals.  A real need for more allergy awareness and education in modern society as a whole was thus revealed, most especially in parents of young children; hence the development and creation of AlliApp.

AlliApp team

As well as Brad, the AlliApp team is made up of:

Dr Nicky Marshall, PhD, MBPsS

Nicky has a background in Radiography, Neuroscience and Psychology research.  She is Mum to two girls, aged thirteen and eleven; both of whom have a combination of severe food allergies, food intolerances, asthma, eczema and hay fever.  As such, she has spent her entire life as a parent finding ways to manage this, with a huge focus on food preparation, educating her daughters’ peers and their families about allergy awareness, and diet.

Kate Matos

Kate has a background in Environmental Management and Protection.  She is a Mum of four children: one of whom has asthma and two of whom have eczema.  Kate has spent hours researching possible triggers for her children’s conditions, and as a result, has implemented many changes in her family’s lifestyle to alleviate these.

Georgina Clowrey

Georgina holds qualifications in Psychology, Counselling and Business Management.  Her career has been primarily focussed on business planning, marketing, management and strategy for SME’s and start ups.   Georgina is mum to a young child with multiple severe allergies and has had to learn to quickly adapt to a new way of living and nutrition.  

Tim Pearson

Tim is a freelance creative with a background in audio and visual media, having worked in professional studios on film, gaming and music.  He has lived with severe allergies, intolerances and eczema from the age of three months.

Jorge Costa

Jorge is our app developer, he is well experienced in iOS and Android and can be credited with the vast amount of development for AlliApp V2.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and resources with you!

AlliApp team.

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