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Why track your allergies?

Tracking allergies? You know that you have allergies, so why start tracking them?  What’s the point? In fact, there are many valid reasons for doing this.  Many people have no idea of the huge impact that food has on our health and well-being overall, from energy levels and movement co-ordination, to mood.  Keeping track of what you are eating, together with how you feel shortly after eating it has the capacity to reveal health effects that you were previously unaware of. Tracking your allergies can also help ensure that you receive the most appropriate treatment from your healthcare professional.

Once you have established your food allergens and shared this information with your doctor, an allergy tracker can still be beneficial.  It can help you to avoid allergens, particularly ‘hidden’ ones. The AlliApp tracker has an inbuilt scanner which is compatible with the Tesco supermarket barcodes.  Therefore, you can scan ingredient lists before purchasing or consuming foods, to ensure that they are safe for you.  Allergy trackers can also give an overall picture of how your allergy treatment is working and whether you are taking your allergy medications correctly.  If any changes to your allergy treatments are necessary, you can share the data with your healthcare expert.

Food allergies or intolerances can also manifest as low mood or lack of concentration – another reason why tracking your food allergies or intolerances could prove useful.

You might also wonder why you should bother with a tracking app as opposed to traditional hand-written food diaries.  Apart from having to carry a notebook and pen around with you, which can be quite cumbersome, an allergy-tracking app is downloaded onto your phone, so is always readily available to you.  As well as inputting and photographing your meals, AlliApp features an inbuilt option allowing you to record your doctors’ appointments and outcomes of any allergy testing.  It also allows you to record your mood, thus providing the opportunity to notice any patterns between mood and ingestion of certain foods.

AlliApp also features a premium option, which allows you to keep allergy-tracking diaries for the whole family all in one place.


AlliApp Premium

For 7 days you can try the Premium AlliApp as a single user or within a family plan and really put the fight against allergies back in your hands.  

Benefits of Premium AlliApp include: tracking air quality; create, save and share vital health reports; backdate food, mood and symptoms; create family or individual profiles.  

Premium AlliApp has successfully been involved in an NHS clinical trial and is approved by a leading NHS allergist.  For more information please visit

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