About AlliApp

Why use AlliApp?

Allergies and chronic illnesses caused by diet and environment are a massive and growing problem in the world. These conditions can attack your body at any time, and it's a minefield finding out what causes individual flare-ups.

Gut problems, IBS, GORD, bloating, rashes, headaches, hay fever, migraine, asthma - as well as more serious reactions including anaphylactic shock - can all be caused by your body's adverse reaction to foods and your surroundings.

AlliApp Health and Food Diary helps you track and discover your symptom triggers

We want to demystify what causes your body's adverse reaction to outside factors. From relatively minor skin rashes, to major reactions involving your whole system, allergic reactions as well as food intolerances happen in response to specific triggers in your surroundings. Dietary, environmental, chemical - for those with such heightened sensitivity, the causes of allergic responses are everywhere.

What easier way to track them than to use the phone in your pocket?

Why use a Food Diary?

Experts agree the 'gold standard' of discovering your dietary triggers is to keep a day-to-day diary of all you eat. Meals, drinks, …yes, and snacks too! GPs recommend if you suspect any allergy or food intolerance, you should carefully note everything, then inform them at your next visit. They even recommend you keep all food packaging with lists of ingredients. This can be a laborious process, lugging a diary around everywhere you go, pen in hand, keeping meticulous notes. Anything missed can muddy the results.

Why AlliApp Health and Food Diary is the best possible approach!

We are on a mission to fill the gap between you and your GP. We use three basic steps:

  • Track your diet and environment

  • Discover your symptom triggers

  • Share with your GP

AlliApp, Pocket Detective

Take snaps of your food and food packaging. AlliApp Trigger Finder makes some crucial calculations. Then show all this evidence to your medical team.

AlliApp Food and Health Diary works hard to make it easier for you. It's your handy pocket detective, alert and uncovering the causes of all your ill symptoms. No need to tear off ingredients lists - just take a photo for the app. Take snaps of your meals - then upload the ingredients to the app later, when you get time. Scan in barcodes. No need to carry bulky diaries around. No worries that your pen will run out, or get lost.

This is hugely time-saving. Crucially, for those with hyper-sensitivity to certain foods, a food diary app, with timely, vital information for your medical team, is life changing. It can even be life-saving.

Be an Active Tracker!

Unique to AlliApp, our AlliApp Trigger Finder algorithm pins down your symptoms and all possible triggers - just feed it with regular information regarding your food and environment. It's serious, especially if your kids' health is also compromised. Though you can make it fun too! Get them involved and make a game out of tracking down and cracking your personal code for good health.

With AlliApp Premium you can also add your moods, your meds, the weather and your environment - or whatever else takes your fancy (eg any pollutants? pollen? flickering lights?). AlliApp, together with AlliApp Trigger Finder, does the rest for you.

Stay focused on your health, for life. The Good Life!

Commit to finding out what is making you ill, then keep yourself on track. Life changes, your diet and environment changes, your health changes constantly. Get into the AlliApp habit of being better each day, and getting better health for your family.

For life.