Our Mission

Are you sick of feeling sick? Are you daunted by the prospect of lugging a diary and pen around with you, all day, every day, noting down all possible factors that may be making you (and your family), ill?

Why not go on that voyage of discovery with your phone? Something you always carry around with you and that, with AlliApp, can do all the tricky calculations, so you don’t have to?

‘It can take years to discover your allergy, chronic illness and food intolerance triggers. AlliApp streamlines the process and gives you ongoing daily support and invaluable medical feedback’ - Dr Jimmy Abraham, MSc, Leading NHS Allergy specialist

Find and tackle your illness triggers

We are on a mission to help you nail down your symptom triggers, the mysterious causes of your ill health, as simply and efficiently as possible. Not just allergies - but chronic illnesses like IBS, Gord, Asthma, Migraine, Hives, Eczema - are all triggered by your food and surroundings.

Without vital clues from your diet and lifestyle, your GP is just as in-the-dark as you are. Your health and your lifestyle changes. From day to day, season to season, year to year. Discover what is making you ill and get constant support and advice in an ongoing commitment with AlliApp.

For life.

AlliApp - Independent, ethical, transparent

At AlliApp we are committed to doing the right thing to improve your health. Our independently funded business model (no junk ads!) enables us to provide unbiased health information with transparency, to ensure you receive the best possible care.

We value your privacy and your personal information is safe. Your photos and personal health notes remain on your phone, are strictly confidential at all times and 100% accessible only by you. And we never feed you with junk ads or recommend products you don’t need.

Medically endorsed by the NHS

'The patient is the most under-used asset in the healthcare system' - Dr Jimmy Abraham, MSc

Honorary Paediatric Allergy Consultant at Guy's and St Thomas Hospital NHS Trust in London, Dr Jimmy Abraham is a world leader in his field, specialising in allergies. He passionately believes that you, as a patient, are the crucial link to finding out why you are ill.

A comprehensive record of everything you eat and encounter prior to, and during an allergic reaction and illness flare-ups caused by food and environmental triggers, is key.

Armed with this essential information, together with your medical team, you can discover and tackle what makes you ill.

AlliApp ‘NHS Innovation Award’ and Clinical Trials

After being shortlisted for an NHS Innovation Award, AlliApp carried out 2 years of extensive clinical trials in partnership with Dr Abraham, at his NHS allergy clinic in Greenwich, London. This proved the use of AlliApp cuts down clinic time, time wasted in doctors' surgeries, and even at A&E, saving you (and the NHS) not just time, but money.

Save money and time with AlliApp on:

  • Excessive clinic and GP visits

  • Time off work when you are ill

  • Higher insurance premiums

  • Time taken off work looking after your sick, allergic child(ren).

  • Child-care costs

Personal feedback from leading NHS specialists

By its day-to-day tracking of the state of your health AlliApp makes your symptoms and their potential causes super-accessible to doctors and specialists.

Bottom line, record your diet and all suspected environmental factors that are making you ill. Then show this data to your doctor (and with AlliApp Premium we will send you personal feedback about your health from leading NHS experts).

Together we can make you feel better again, for life.

The Good Life.