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Our Free Standard Package easily tracks three major factors for you: What symptoms do you have? What have you eaten? Are you taking any medication?

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Allergies and food intolerance can attack your body at any time, leaving you confused and in discomfort. From relatively minor skin rashes to major reactions involving your whole system, an allergic reaction happens in response to certain triggers in your surroundings. Dietary, environmental, chemical - for those with such heightened sensitivity, the causes of allergic responses are everywhere.

Medically Endorsed

An Honorary Paediatric Allergy Consultant at Guy's and St Thomas Hospital NHS trust in London, Dr Jimmy Abraham specialises in allergies, and in finding out what causes them. Dr Abraham endorses AlliApp as an efficient health-tracker that can help make the task of discovering your personal allergy triggers easier.

Alliapp Features

When you download our Standard tracker app, and the more comprehensive Premium package, our goal is to help you to help yourself back to optimum health.

We want you to feel empowered to begin the journey that will lead you to the key (or the bunch of keys!) that unlocks the causes of your allergic reactions and food intolerances.

Track 3 major factors:

Our Free Standard Package easily tracks three major factors for you: What symptoms do you have? What have you eaten? Are you taking any medication?

Armed with this crucial information, you can start to discuss your condition with your health provider, to decide the way forward.

Standard AlliApp enables you daily piece of mind

Historic data of your symptoms

Keep track of all the symptoms that you have.

Detailed Information

Keep all of your allergy information & factors that influence your health in one place

Keep track of what you have eaten.

Alliapp helps you to store data on the meals you have had to track reactions.

Medication tracker

Are you taking any medication? Alliapp helps you keep track.

Premium AlliApp

When you feel the need to delve deeper into the factors that affect your health, Premium AlliApp takes you one step further on the path to finding out the cause of your allergies. In addition to your health symptoms, your diet and your medication, it also tracks myriad other factors like your moods and the air you breathe


Keep track of your personal allergy history

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Multi-tracking your complex lifestyle

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Great solution! - This app is great! I’m able to save all foods and symptoms and make a pictures of meals and skin problems all in one app

Fantastic App! - This allergy app helped me speed up my treatment considerably.

Finds the source of allergies! - Incredible app. Highly recommended if you are looking to identify the causes of your allergies! Only way the doctor started taking me seriously!