Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't AlliApp free?

AlliApp Standard is free to track and log your food/drink and symptoms.

AlliApp Premium goes much further enabling you to:

  • Track moods
  • Track meds
  • Track supplements
  • Set medication reminders
  • Backdate data when it suits you
  • Add multiple family members to the account for no extra charge.

Premium is free to trial for 7 days. Then £60 per year ie £5 per month.

Every day we are investing to build the best-ever health app. AlliApp has the latest technology and the support of top NHS doctors and leading entrepreneurs.

We’ve conducted NHS clinical trials to make sure it works. We strive to keep the app user-friendly and we work hard every day to do the right thing.

We don’t want to be supported by showing you junk ads – selling you meds, supplements and creams that cost money long-term. Some products entrench your ill-health, not improve it.

We refuse to sell your data to other businesses to make money. Long-term we plan to work with ethical brands we really believe in.

Is AlliApp better than using a hard cover diary and pen to record your diet, lifestyle and symptoms?


  • We live in the 21st century which means you don’t need to lug diaries and pens around with you as well as your phone.
  • A picture paints a thousand words. AlliApp is on your phone – always with you, in your pocket. AlliApp automatically keeps photographs (of your food/drink/symptoms) and your health notes together in one place. All your information is easily accessible both to you and to your health team.
  • More than just a diary: AlliApp saves time. It makes links and connections of your lifestyle and your illness symptoms for you. AlliApp Trigger finder links up connections between your food/drink, moods, surroundings and symptoms.
  • Doctor-trusted and simple to share: AlliApp was developed with leading NHS doctors to provide shareable evidence and give them the exact info they need to make the right decisions faster. Your health notes can easily be shared with you and with other doctors/specialists. Doctors can add ‘see AlliApp’ in their notes.
  • AlliApp can generate a PDF that doctors/specialists can see on WhatsApp, to share and discuss together.

How long will it take to find my symptom triggers?

You may find one or two potential triggers within say, a month. (Though you may not – keep on tracking!).

That doesn’t mean you’ve found all your triggers – your lifestyle and your body’s reactions continually change. Everyone is different and each health picture is unique.

Doctors want to see patterns that relate your diet and environment to your illness symptoms. Some triggers are more common eg:

  • Gluten (in wheat and other grains)
  • Lactose (in dairy products)
  • Pollen
  • Dust and house mites

Though we are all individual and there are countless potential illness triggers in your food and surroundings. You need to keep careful track of your diet and lifestyle.

Discovering your allergies, food intolerance and chronic illness triggers is an ongoing process. Not just anaphylactic episodes caused by allergies, but also chronic conditions like:

  • Eczema
  • Hives
  • Asthma
  • Migraine
  • Hayfever
  • GORD (GERD in the USA)
  • IBS

…are all triggered by your diet and environment.

Do illness triggers change over time?

Triggers and symptoms change as we age.

For example, children with sensitivities to food and environment can typically have eczema in early childhood, which can develop into asthma in later childhood/adolescence

Some symptom triggers are seasonal, eg:

  • pollen in spring/summer
  • house dust and house dust mites in autumn/winter

We need to keep eating to live, though we eat different things at different times. Each time you try something new you are potentially open to new symptom triggers.

Different combinations of foods can trigger reactions, and quantities of food are important too. The causes of allergy and food/environment/mood-related illnesses are very complex and doctors are looking for patterns in your health and lifestyle.

AlliApp evidence makes that discovery much quicker and more efficient.

So will doctors and specialists take AlliApp seriously?

AlliApp is doctor-trusted.

It was on the prestigious NHS Innovation Award shortlist, and took part in NHS trials in leading UK allergy specialist Dr Jimmy Abraham’s allergy clinic in Greenwich:

‘AlliApp is your personal assistant to help input relevant health information so it makes sense to you and to health professionals. It cuts to the chase so there’s no need to have a long story when you can have the same message in a snapshot and with real-time evidence on your phone’  Dr Abraham MSc.

AlliApp wants to empower you to be in charge of your health.

If your doctor is not interested in the real, carefully collated evidence you can show them, then change your doctor.

What is the difference between AlliApp Standard and AlliApp Premium?

  • AlliApp Standard tracks your food – meals, drinks, snacks – and your symptoms.

Does your food or drink make you ill? AlliApp Standard helps you discover your dietary triggers. AlliApp relies on real-time tracking to work efficiently. If you are super-efficient, collected, in control and have the time to do this each day, then Standard will work for you.

Meanwhile, in the real world – of confusion and forgetting and just being too busy:

  • AlliApp Premium takes you much further.

Premium allows you to backdate information in your own time when you are relaxed, not when you are feeling hectic, in the middle of a busy day. Evidence is key.

Premium tracks your moods, your medication and your supplements and sends you med reminders so you can stay on track with just one tap!

Premium lets you add all your family members with no extra charge so you can track multiple symptom patterns and possible family traits.

Premium lets you add voice notes in seconds so you can check back later. Feel good? Feel bad? Need to remember something to tell the doctor? Tell AlliApp and it records it for you.

Crucially, with Premium you can also backdate:

  • No time to input data now? Then do it all later with Premium.
  • Is your child at nursery or school? Input what they ate when they get home.
  • Are you too busy to log data at work or during the day? Do it later. Choose a time that suits you, say once every two days. Or are you blessed with total recall, the memory of an elephant? Log data once a week or so.

Are you tired of being told depression is making you ill? Premium tracks your moods. Your moods continually change, not just as a reaction to events. Your monthly menstrual cycle, your hormones, your diet and lifestyle also affect your moods.

Evidence of all of life’s factors collected with AlliApp helps you arrange a care plan with your doctors and then stick to it.

Show your doctor real evidence that what you eat, what you breathe in and where you go is what makes you ill, not your state of mind. Being depressed is not the causative factor, though it may make you feel depressed to be ill without knowing the cause.

Will I still need AlliApp once I find my symptom triggers?

Finding the causes of your ill health takes time and strategy and dedication.

Life constantly changes and so do your symptom triggers, from one season to the next, from one environment to the next, from one decade to the next. Finding one trigger is very unlikely to be the end of your quest for good health.

  • Going on holiday? Watch out for flare-ups.
  • Eating something new? Keep careful track.
  • And as you get older, your body changes. AlliApp will be with you, every step of the way, preparing your health report so you can show your GP real evidence of your health in their surgery.

Why should I pay £60 per annum (ie £5 a month) to subscribe to Premium?

It’s hard to put a price on the cost of feeling well, every day:

  • The price of one single prescription item in the UK is £9. Premium costs £5 per month.
  • AlliApp Premium gets you better sooner, for real savings on medical appointments
  • Save on travel time to and from clinic
  • Save on time off sick/childcare costs when your children miss school.

Get the support of the AlliApp team together with access to personal feedback from Dr Jimmy Abraham, a leading NHS allergy and chronic illness specialist.

Why is AlliApp an 'ethical' business model?

We don’t want junk ads to pay for AlliApp: feeding you with products that in the long term may be more harmful for your health.

We want to fight the ignorance that surrounds the causes of :

  • Allergies and sensitivities to your diet/lifestyle/environment
  • Food intolerance

Chronic conditions like:

  • Eczema,
  • Hives,
  • Asthma,
  • IBS,
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
  • GORD (GERD in the States)
  • Migraine.

Prevention is better than cure.

We want to do this without the backing of businesses that sell stuff you just don’t need.

We will never sell your personal information to third parties so they can also bombard you with ads and unwanted information about their products.

Will all my information be private?

We will never share any of your information with any third parties without your permission. Ever.

What if I have any questions about how AlliApp works or how it affects my health and lifestyle?

At AlliApp we pride ourselves on great customer service.

We really want to help you find your best health.

Contact Eileen on – and send us an email. We’ll answer you. If you still need help, we’ll arrange for you to chat personally with our AlliApp specialist care and support team to sort it out.

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Couldn’t find what you were looking for? Contact our Care & Support team via

Couldn’t find what you were looking for? Contact our Care & Support team via