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AlliApp Premium

AlliApp is proud to highlight their Premium version, available as either a single user or family plan.  For 7 days you can try the Premium AlliApp and see how this can make the difference in putting the fight against allergies back in your hands.  Benefits of Premium AlliApp include:

  • Track the air quality wherever you are and identify when levels will affect you the most, to help reduce effects of pollution including asthma attacks
  • Create and save vital health reports from the data you have collected to share with healthcare professionals as a pdf print out or email straight to your expert.  It can also be sent via whatsapp and airdrop, as well as being available to save in your own records, being adaptable to you and your family’s needs
  • Backdate meals, mood and symptoms, whereas the standard AlliApp records food, symptoms and mood in the moment
  • Create family profiles where, as a parent, you have an easy solution to keeping track of your child’s health as well as hold multiple profiles within one app

Premium AlliApp has successfully been involved in an NHS clinical trial and is approved by a leading NHS allergist. For more information please visit www.alliapp.com


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Healthcare professionals and families work together to fight allergies

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