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Air pollution can cause and increase the symptoms of asthma and allergies, so what can we do?

There are many pollutants in the air which can be very harmful to people, especially those already living with respiratory conditions, children, whose lungs are still developing, and the elderly. Every year in the UK around 40 000 ** deaths are linked to outdoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution adds even more to this figure. …

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Allergy Symptoms Checker – Skin Irritation: Eczema and Hives

During National Eczema Awareness week (17th September to 25th September 2018) it seems appropriate for Dr Nicky Marshall, PhD, MBPsS, to begin sharing information on the Six Main Symptoms of Food Allergy and begin with eczema and hives.   What is the difference between hives and eczema? Eczema and hives are both conditions that can …

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Why Tracking Allergies And Keeping Food Diary Is Important For Your Wellbeing?

If you often feel unwell or ‘not quite right’ after you have eaten a meal, this could be caused by an adverse reaction to certain foods.  Many people have food intolerances or allergies that they are unaware of. Possible symptoms could include anything from coughing or breathing problems, dizziness or eczema or even migraines;  to …

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Welcome to AlliApp – your allergy symptom tracker

About AlliApp Hello, and welcome to AlliApp!  We are an allergy awareness and education company with a major focus on food allergies.  Our app has been developed in conjunction with leading NHS allergy specialists and other healthcare professionals, and has been approved by Apple as a medical app.  It is a simple, yet comprehensive way …